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Moving Home Checklist

Moving homes or offices can be incredibly stressful and requires a lot of advance planning to make sure everything runs smoothly on your moving day; it is a time when some experienced advice can be really helpful.

We have been providing professional removals services since 1982 throughout London, Kent and Essex, and over that time our team have got to know the moving process really well; so below you can find our checklist to help you get prepared for your house move and not forget to do anything!

3-4 weeks until moving day

  • Confirm your moving date with estate agents
  • Hand in your notice to any landlord
  • Talk to us about packing materials and how much you will need
  • Book a hotel if the move will run overnight
  • Arrange childcare and kennels or catteries for pets on the day
  • Change your address with credit cards, your employer, Inland Revenue, insurance companies, driving licence, TV licence, stocks and shares
  • Make a list of all fittings and fixtures you are leaving behind
  • Make a list of all the main items you are taking with you
  • Set aside important personal documents such as passports and visas
  • Notify schools, banks, utilities suppliers, doctors and dentists of your move
  • Book a postal re-direct with Royal Mail to your new home
  • Notify milk and papers of cancellations and clear any local outstanding bills
  • Contact your local council to see if you are eligible for a council tax rebate
  • Get your car serviced if the move is a long one!
  • Clear out lofts, garages, basements and sheds
  • Contact us if you will require short-term storage space

2 weeks until our removals team arrives

  • Start dismantling large furniture
  • Start packing things up, or leave it all to us on the day itself
  • Book a professional disconnection of kitchen appliances
  • Book meter reading of gas, electricity and water for the morning of the move
  • Book connection of utilities and telephone at the new house if necessary
  • Start running down the contents of your fridge freezer.

1 week until your house removal

  • Check those essential documents again and leave them out together
  • Put emergency items like essential medicines with them
  • Pack a personal bag with change of clothes and small valuables, include essentials for arrival; toilet roll, light bulbs, screwdriver, cash, important phone number and maybe some snacks, a kettle and tea bags too!
  • Double check arrival times with the Burns Removals team
  • Drain out petrol and oil from lawn mowers and similar equipment
  • Defrost the fridge freezer
  • Draw up a floor plan of your new home and colour code the rooms
  • Stick matching coloured dots on furniture for quick unpacking
  • Ensure parking space at both houses for the removals van

Your moving day

  • Drop off kids and pets to their carers
  • Load your personal luggage and important items into your car
  • We provide the complete loading service of everything else
  • Check the house for anything left behind before the removals van leaves
  • Turn off power and water if the house is to be empty for any time
  • Ensure the house is secure
  • Drop off the keys to the estate agents
  • Meet our team at your new home
  • We take care of unloading everything in the right rooms
  • Load the kettle and cups at the back of the van for the all important first cuppa at your new home!!

Wherever you are moving to make sure you have the support of a removals company that really knows what they are doing and can help you get through your office or home move stress free; contact us today and we can arrange a no obligation survey and quotation with one of our friendly team.

Address: Unit 2, Wharf Road, Gravesend DA12 2RU

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